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      Your immune system is a defense system that protects your body from a variety of invading microorganisms. However, many things can go wrong with one or more of the parts of this complex defense system. Dr. Davé, as an allergist / immunologist, is experienced and can provide you with more information on recurrent infections, immune deficiency and treatments.

    • Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases

      Immune deficiency diseases result when a portion of this complex system is missing or does not function properly. Although most of the primary immune deficiency diseases are present in infancy and childhood, many patients do not have significant symptoms until adult life.

      The most common forms of immune deficiency are defects in the patient’s ability to produce blood proteins called antibodies. Evaluation of the immune system is done by blood tests as well as skin tests. Allergies often contribute to infection susceptibility, and as many patients with immune deficiency suffer from allergies. We do allergy testing as part of the evaluation process.

    • Primary Symptoms of Immune Deficiency

      Primary immune deficiency causes children and adults to have frequent, recurring infections or infections that are unusually hard to cure. If you or someone you know is affected by two or more of the following symptoms, call us about the possibility of an underlying primary immune deficiency

      • ►      Eight or more new ear infections within one year
      • ►      Two or more serious sinus infections within one year
      • ►      Two or more months on antibiotics with little improvement
      • ►      Two or more pneumonias within one year
      • ►      Failure of an infant to gain weight or grow normally
      • ►      Recurrent deep skin or organ abscesses
      • ►      Persistent thrush in mouth or elsewhere on skin, after age 1
      • ►      Need for intravenous antibiotics to clear infections.
      • ►      Two or more deep seated infections
      • ►      A family history of primary immune deficiency
    • What can you do about Primary Immune Deficiency?

      Proper diagnosis of infection susceptibility leads to treatments that maximize the potential for normal growth and development, and can help prevent the possibility of premature death.

      Specific treatments are available for many immune deficiencies. For example, the most common forms of immune deficiencies are treated with intravenous or sub-cutaneous immune globulins.

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